Our Mission: Give all kids the chance to benefit from youth sports.

We are a group of parents who have seen firsthand the power of sports in our own kids’ lives. We want every student to experience the lifelong benefits of sports participation. The benefits extend far beyond a single season or a single sports field:
* Friendships
* Self-confidence
* Healthy lifestyle

What we do:

We are here to help clear the hurdles to youth sports participation in the Wayzata School District community.

  • Awareness to the youth sports offerings by season and sport
  • Registration connection to the sports associations and related deadlines
  • Financial assistance to help cover registration and/or sports equipment fees


Youth Sports Opportunities in Your Area

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Soccer, swimming, baseball, snow skiing, basketball, and many others.


How to help:

Help us remove cost as a barrier to youth sports participation. Did you know that ~1,520 kids in our community are living in poverty?

Through our connections with sports associations and Interfaith Outreach Community Partners (IOCP), we hope to connect kids to the sport that best fits their interests, but we need your help.

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Two boys, unfocused on their baseball game, have fun whistling.

Apply for Financial Assistance

Are registration or sports equipment fees a hurdle to your child’s sports participation? Let’s talk through the best plan for financial assistance.

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